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Welcome to the Canadian Wildlife website  
Welcome to Canadian Wildlife
Wildlife in Canada

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Gray wolf on CanadianWildlife.comWolves in the Canadian Wild

The sight of a rarely seen Gray Wolf in its natural, wild setting is an awe-inspiring event. Usually colored a grizzled gray, their coloration can range from white to black. Gray Wolves generally live in packs of 4 – 7 animals, consisting of family members, however some wolves live a more solitary life. Wolves communicate by barks, yelps, and howls. While early evening stillness is often broken by the howling of a lone wolf, the chorus is very quickly picked up other wolves within earshot and will often die down after a few minutes.

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Grizzly Bear on CanadianWildlife.comGrizzly Bears in the Canadian Wilderness

The Grizzly Bear (or Alaskan Brown Bear in Alaska) symbolizes mountain wilderness. Standing up to 9 ft (270 cm) tall and weighing as much as 1,000 lbs (450 kg), the Grizzly Bear is a magnificent animal to see. Preferring flat valleys and food rich shorelines, or near glaciers.

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Mountain Goat on CanadianWildlife.comMountain Goats in the Canadian Rockies

High in the alpine forest, Mountain Goats majestically sport glimmering white fur coats. The hollow hairs of the Mountain Goat act like insulation and keep them warm during the cold winter. As the suns rays reflect on these hollow hairs, they appear to glimmer and shine. Incredibly nimble-footed, Mountain Goats hooves have a hard outer rim and a soft center, providing excellent traction on even the narrowest of ledges and rocky outcroppings.

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Bald Eagle on CanadianWildlife.comThe Bald Eagle in the Canadian Wilderness

The Bald Eagle, majestically soaring overhead, riding invisible air currents, is an incredible sight to behold. As if floating in mid-air several hundred feet above the water, a Bald Eagle’s powerful eyesight searches for surface feeding fish. In a sudden exhibition of the fantastic aerial acrobatic skill possessed by the Bald Eagle, it executes a side-slip maneuver and dives. Without slowing or hesitating, the Bald Eagle swoops down, extends its sharp talons, reaching just below the surface of the water and grabs the fish.

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Canadian_Wildlife_Red_Squirrel_on_CanadianWildlife.comAbout: Red Squirrel

Like a flash, the happy-go-lucky Red Squirrel zips along the forest floor and bounds up an evergreen tree in apparent defiance of the laws of gravity. Appearing to be bundles of unlimited energy, Red Squirrels spend the summer collecting green spruce cones and stashing them away for winter. A Red Squirrels hangout can be seen by the unusually huge pile of cones and scales piled up under branches of evergreen trees. If you intrude upon a Red Squirrels’ territory, you are sure to get an earful of their persistent chattering.

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Steller_Sea_Lion_on_CanadianWildlife.comAbout: Steller Sea Lions

Proudly showing off, this Steller Sea Lion enjoys basking in the sun on a warm afternoon. Even with a large Steller Sea Lion weighing over 2,000 lbs (900 kg), their powerful front and rear flippers are used to haul themselves out of the water and clamber up rocky shores to bask in the sun. Although noted for their curiosity and playfulness, Steller Sea Lions are truly at home in the water. This incredible agility is seen as they turn, roll, spin, tumble and even leap clear out of the water while swimming and playing together.

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The_Humpback_Whales_on_CanadianWildlife.comAbout: Humpback Whales

Humpback Whales are one of the most sought after tourist sights along the Canadian and Alaska coast. Spending the winter in either Hawaii or Mexico, Humpback Whales migrate thousands of miles to spend the summer feeding in nutrient rich waters such as Glacier Bay. While they measure up to 62 ft (19 m) in length and can weigh over 53 tons (48,000 kg), Humpback Whales are generally very gentle and docile mammals. There are many feeding techniques used by Humpbacks; these Humpbacks are bubble-feeding on a school of herring or sand lance.

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Orca or Killer Whales on CanadianWildlife.comAbout: Orca / Killer Whale

Orcas, or Killer Whales, are highly intelligent and very curious mammals. Orcas are the most widely distributed of any marine mammal on Earth, being found in all oceans from cold polar seas to tropical waters. Orcas live in a very organized family unit called a pod that includes several generations. Unusually curious about the visitors in their waters, they may approach boats in order to get a better look at the human visitors. Their acrobatic skills are seen as they spy-hop, tail-slap or breach the water as this juvenile Orca is doing.

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CanadianWildlife.com / The Wild Side of Canada™
Welcome to the Canadian Wildlife website!